Helena has over 20 years of experience of running art workshops.

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Breeze Block Carving Workshops

Helena has been running regular carving workshops for three years. The material used in these one-day courses is the humble breeze block: a readily available material that is light, durable and relatively easy to carve. Helena often uses breeze blocks in her own work to try out ideas and feels like it’s the carving equivalent to sketching. It’s a bonus that they make such good garden sculptures, lasting years and weathering nicely.

The workshops are designed to give participants a good introduction to carving, building confidence and skills over a series of regular days, or to allow people to follow their own direction after just one day’s tuition, to find other courses or to work at home. 

     “I love Helena's workshops. I usually arrive with a rough idea of  the kind of piece I want to produce. Helena expertly guides me through turning the breeze block into a sculpture to grace my very own mini sculpture garden. It's a fun and rewarding way to spend a day.” Sue Bartlett
     “I have attended about ten workshop days with Helena over two years. The pieces shown here were carved over one or two workshops. It was a great surprise to find carving a breeze block both relatively easy and very satisfying. Helena’s expert tuition keeps a good balance between teaching technical know-how and helping the participants realise their own ideas.”Sara Liptai 


Helena Godwin

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